Tommy Means  Co-Founder

Tommy Means

Tommy Means is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of full-service ad agency, Mekanism.

In 2017, he co-founded Apollo 51 because he is passionate about bringing more diverse talent into the advertising industry starting from the ground-up.

By diversifying the next generation of internship programs, and helping those young creatives progress in their careers, Apollo 51 is growing a pool talent who will in turn, hire more folks that share their perspectives and backgrounds.

Join us.

Adama Sall  Co-Founder

Adama Sall

Adama Sall’s positive outlook and worldly experience are among the many characteristics that have made her a strategy powerhouse.

With more than 18 years of experience, working on iconic brands like Nike, Apple, the United Nations and HBO, Adama has had the opportunity to build up her expertise across a broad range of categories. One of her proudest moments in advertising came to fruition when she helped launch the Girl Effect – a cause that will always be dear to her heart.

As a Black woman in advertising, diversity and inclusion have been an inherent part of her professional journey. To honor the incredible amount of support she’s received along the way, Adama co-founded Apollo 51 to give young, hungry creatives the opportunity to carve out their own non-traditional paths in the world.

Amanda Speer  Director of Partnerships and Outreach

Amanda Speer
Director of Partnerships and Outreach

Prior to advertising, Amanda worked in education. Amanda’s background and experience have led her to contribute to talent initiatives in various capacities. She has helped spearhead career development planning, mentorship training, while pushing for multicultural recruitment and more inclusive agency culture.

As Director of Partnerships and Outreach for Apollo 51 she is able to combine her passion for mentorship and development with her love of finding talent excited to make great work.

In her free time, she likes to tackle DIY projects with her husband, spoil her dog and be outside as much as possible.

Molly Cummings  Project Coordinator

Molly Cummings
Project Coordinator

With a background working in hospitality and studying communication sciences, Molly brings a fresh perspective to building a career within the advertising industry. No detail is too small or curveball too daunting for this budding ad-fanatic. She began to work with Tommy Means on various talent recruiting initiatives and quickly became passionate about building a diverse and inclusive company culture.

When Apollo 51 launched, she was brought on to help manage the program’s first class of bi-coastal interns. As a Project Coordinator for the start-up, she owns our social media accounts, manages our creative assets and facilitates partner communiques. Molly is passionate about building up our ambassador and mentorship programs in the future, so that more people can have access to the industry that welcomed her home.

Justin Foster  Content Strategist

Justin Foster
Content Strategist

Justin entered the ad industry in 2017 after leaving a career in education to pursue his creative passions. When he started his first role in advertising, he’d never heard of portfolio school. Although his creative acumen was evident, it never occurred to him to consider or pursue a career in advertising as a young adult. This inspired him to seek out ways to increase awareness of advertising paths for young creative individuals.

When Apollo 51 launched, Justin sprung into action on content strategy and creative for the initiative. His passion for equity and his background in education make him an invaluable addition to the team. He is thrilled to help launch the future!

Andrew Ulmer  Senior Designer / Art Director

Andrew Ulmer
Senior Designer / Art Director

Andrew got involved with Apollo 51 in 2018, helping out creatively with all things design. Partnering up with Apollo 51 has been exciting and enriching for Andrew, not just in terms of design exploration but also in building up non-traditional, creative talent in advertising.

As a consummate designer, Andrew has helped shape Apollo 51’s visual brand identity, including all social assets. The opportunity to help untapped talent find a direct path to meaningful opportunities has been incredibly rewarding.

Emma Swanson  Marketing Manager

Emma Swanson
Marketing Manager

Emma joins Apollo 51 with a background in public relations and marketing for advertising agencies. She is passionate about spreading the word about Apollo 51’s mission, because she firmly believes that anyone who wants to pursue work in a creative industry should have access to it.

Emma stumbled into advertising through an internship while working at a restaurant in college, and ended up falling in love with the industry. Without that pivotal first step Emma probably wouldn’t have pursued a career in advertising. Now, she wants to make sure others get the same opportunity afforded her.

Emma runs all marketing and communications for the Apollo 51 brand. For any press inquiries, or to find out more about her experiences, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ingrid Oliveira  Community Manager

Ingrid Oliveira
Community Manager

As a creative with a diverse background herself, Ingrid didn’t hesitate to rally behind Apollo 51’s mission from the very beginning. She started her career in advertising immediately after undergrad through a non-traditional route: as an alternative to portfolio school, which was too expensive to consider, she took on a role in administrative operations at an agency. While this wasn’t her dream job, she fully embraced the opportunity that further exposed her to kindred creative souls, the creative process and taught her how to effectively navigate a creative industry.

As a community manager for Apollo 51’s social pages and an art director in the making, Ingrid loves getting to use and expand her social media and art direction skill sets. She enjoys creating content that celebrates Apollo 51’s mission and is excited to see the program continue to grow & flourish.